NYC Info

********** EXTREMELY IMPORTANT **********

New York City has changed their regulations regarding your permit

New York City now has ONE License for Target shooting and Home Defense (Premise). You no longer need a Target License and a Premise License. This saves you the extra filing fee. Additionally the License is now for an additional year. Your Permit will be valid for 3 years.

  • We can do the whole deal on the phone by credit card in 3 minutes.
  • We are the least expensive range around.
  • We have thousands of N.Y.C members.
  • We operate the largest NRA club in the east.
  • There are no extra charges everytime you shoot.
  • There are no work details at the ranges.
  • We have 3 retired NYC police instructors for personal one on one, unlimited free instructions.
  • Discounts on guns & ammo at several stores.
  • Free pictures & notary for renewals.
  • Avis car discounts.
  • What ever you do, talk to us first before you renew your license in NYC

Membership includes:
2 indoor pistol, 1 outdoor rifle- pistol range, 1 archery range, No extra charges each time you use the range.

We are to pistol licenses what H & R Block is to the IRS.

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